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Watch Cubs 3B Kris Bryant go unrecognized as a Lyft driver

Kris Bryant has become one of the Cubs’ most prominent players and is one of the most recognized rookies in baseball, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by these una suming Lyft customers.For the series “Undercover Lyft,” the Chicago third baseman was a driver for the company and was not recognized once.MORE: Baseball’s best Corey Kluber Jersey TV show moments| The worst designated hitters everHe even baited the customers, driving past Wrigley Field, saying he played baseball and asking about Lonnie Chisenhall Jersey the Cubs, but no one was able to put the pieces together.The Chicagoans were shocked, and some were likely embarra sed by their comments. To be fair, Bryant was hard to recognizein his rather dark sungla ses.


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